Shadows and Light
Bridge Street, Lowell #2
Wannalancit Mills #3
Putnam Building
Wannalancit Mills #4
Dutton Street, April 2017
Mills at Sunset, 2017
Comfort Furniture
Haffner's Gas
Cameo Diner, Lowell
Hood Building
Tremont Place Underground
Market Street, Sunday Afternoon
Everett Mills, Lawrence
The Owl Diner, Lowell
Beaver Brook, Dracut
Muldoon's Gas
Francis Gate
Blue Wall, Lowell
Smith Baker Center, Lowell
City Hall, Lowell
Luna Theater, Lowell
Lawrence Manufacturing, Lowell
Japanese Maples, Fort Hill, Lowell
Lawrence Manufacturing, Lowell
Jackson Street, Lowell
Lawrence Manufacturing (from Tsongas Arena)
Lowell Skyline 2
Danas' Market, Lowell
East Merrimack Street, Lowell
Pawtucket Falls, Lowell
Pawtucket Street, Lowell
Wannalancit Mills, Lowell
Winter Trees, Lowell
Fort Hill, Autumn 2015
Mill #5 2
Merrimack River, 2016
Lawrence Street, Lowell
State Forest 2015
Lawton's, Lawrence MA, 2010
Vesper Country Club 2
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